Wall switch socket manufacturer teaches you 3 minutes to understand how to decorate the socket in the home

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Nowadays, people's life is increasingly inseparable from mobile phones and computers, and more and more appliances are used in family life, such as rice cookers, microwave ovens, refrigerators, washing machines, and now the super popular intelligent robots and intelligent toilets... Too few reserved sockets? If the power board is lengthened or even connected to the power board, is there a potential safety hazard? Wall switch socket manufacturers teach you how socket should be arranged? The comfort that this detail will affect household life directly and aesthetic feeling.

Rule one: arrange furniture first

Always someone thinks, since the cost of water and electricity transformation is so high, put socket as much as possible! In fact, the more outlets, the better. The better way is to choose the position of the furniture first, and then carry out more precise positioning of the water and electricity, rather than jamming it into the big sofa on a whim and blocking all the outlets that have been arranged.

Wall switch socket

Moreover, the use of furniture is not so simple as a single product, and people's behavior also needs to leave a certain space. Therefore, in the planning of the new home, should be each piece of furniture (at least large furniture) size and space distance between each other into the drawings or blank room, and reasonable "positioning", and then arranged like a socket such details will be much simpler

The second rule is to decide on the furniture before the appliances

After the position of big furniture is fixed, what need considers is: with what kind of electric equipment, how to put and use more convenient? For example illumination, be shoot light or floor lamp? If floor lamp is used, which position is more suitable? By thinking ahead, the socket location will be easier.

We can also solve this problem by imagining the use of space. For example, in the living room, if the sofa is determined and the use scene of "watching TV" is preset, then the TV or projector is used in summer, whether the router, humidifier, stereo and fan are needed? Or use air conditioning... After solving this series of problems, can get the answer that the socket inside the space decorates naturally.

Rule 3: Arrange according to functional space

The plumber gives you a briefing by going to the site with you to identify the areas that need to be installed before you actually start. Today we introduce a basic socket layout scheme. So you can personalize it. This kind of program is classified according to functional space, multifunctional space can also make corresponding change.

The hall

1 socket (or none). Switch basically uses at controlling the illume of corridor, and socket is convenient the use of a few intelligent products, for example small household expenses brush shoe machine, ironing clothes machine to wait. For the family that likes this kind of electronic product, it is suggested to arrange a socket at the door, after all if need, use a plug board to "borrow electricity" from the sitting room is more troublesome.

The sitting room

Eight sockets. 1 is air conditioning, so we should distinguish between cabinets or cranes. Two five-hole sockets can be placed on the left and right sides of the sofa according to the length of the sofa. You can use lamps, purifiers, humidifiers, etc. There is a five socket at the back of the TV cabinet to reserve the TV and smart box. At the same time there are cable socket and cable TV socket. You can hide them in the cupboard so as not to disturb them.

The restaurant

Two sockets. 1 put on the side wall of the table, so that it can reduce the touch of the feet, and can charge the mobile phone, or very simple, put a hot pot on the table, and then put it under or next to the side cabinet, you can choose 1, in case you need a purifier after eating hot pot ~~

The kitchen

Seven sockets. 1 refrigerator five-hole socket; 1 arranged in the upper position of the cooker, reserved for the range hood; Two are under the sink, reserved for water purifiers and garbage disposal; Three five-hole sockets with switches, stay away from sinks and stovetops, and use the kitchen's myriad cookers.

The bathroom

Three five-hole sockets with splash cover. 1.2 meters above the ground, on the left or right side of the sink, put hair dryer, electric toothbrush, razor; 8 meters above the ground, used for showers; 1 behind the toilet, if it is an intelligent toilet can be directly used ~~ need to pay attention to the first choice of electrical location, and then arrange the position of the socket, so as not to block the electrical outlet.

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