Wall switch socket says desk socket option

Release time : 2022-05-30  Views : 1804

Wall switch socket said desk socket choice: the requirements of the desk should not only beautiful but also practical. Traditional desktop has threading holes, mainly used for threading. With the development of The Times, plugs also slowly installed on the desk, for daily use. For the sake of beauty, the grade evolved into the current multi-functional desktop socket.

There are two kinds of commonly used desktop sockets: one is a pop-up desktop socket, the other is the aluminum panel desktop socket.

Wall switch socket

The pop-up desktop socket is mainly composed of zinc plate and iron box. It comes in three colors: flash silver, sand black and brushed nickel. From the appearance, there are round edges and straight edges, and their cover plate thickness will be different, so the slotting way is different when installing. The plug configuration of the pop-up desktop socket can be in a variety of forms, can install three power plugs, two power plugs, USB, phone, network, VGA, microphone, speaker, HDMI HD, etc.

Panel desktop socket is mainly composed of aluminum alloy and iron box. Because the surface is aluminum alloy, so the surface treatment process is mainly electroplating, the color of drawing silver and drawing black. Their external dimensions are usually in the following two types: 145*130*77mm and 265*130*78mm. This kind of desktop socket is mainly used on the big platform, with elegant and noble.

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