What switch socket layout is essential in the decoration?

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1. What is a wall switch socket?

A lot of friends do not know when to install switch socket in the decoration process? In fact, the installation of switch socket is a step, that is, the completion of paint, wallpaper, artistic paint and other wall construction. It is a part of lamps and lanterns, sanitary ware, curtain installation.

2. Which switches and socket layouts are essential?

Wall switch socket

The layout of socket in home outfit is crucial. According to my ten years of experience in selling switch sockets and their own home installation experience, the socket is essential to the following points:

· Inlet socket: 1-2 · Dining room socket: 2-3 · Living room socket: 6-7 · Bedroom socket: 5-6 · Kitchen socket: 6-8 · Toilet socket: 3-4 · Study socket: 3-4

And we must pay attention to the following points when installing sockets in the decoration process:

· The kitchen socket should be placed at an appropriate height so as not to block the rice cooker and make it inconvenient for future use. The kitchen socket must be far away from the hearth to prevent the temperature in the later cooking process from being too high and unsafe.

· Remember to bring waterproof box for the socket of the toilet, and keep away from the sink as far as possible (people separated from dry and wet)

· If there is natural gas near the smoking machine, reserve a gas alarm socket.

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