Wall switch socket said switch socket practical guide

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Why are so many people concerned about the layout of wall switch sockets? Because this part is so special.

Its construction in the renovation of the early stage of the water and electricity transformation link, knock on the wall after completion of wiring, this step will determine the location of all the switch socket after your home, especially the socket.

But these sockets are really used after the whole decoration is completed, even if found unsuitable after moving in can only be solved through the plug board or open line, because water and electricity is hidden project, it is difficult to modify.

Their habitual way of life is only their own understanding, so the owners need to simulate the future life scene in their mind in advance, as far as possible in all aspects. What if there's something missing? Well, here's what you need to look at.

Wall switch socket

(1) Preliminary consideration

Vestibule: induction lamp, shoe dryer. Two sockets

Bedroom: two bedside lamps, air conditioner, electric blanket, TV, floor lamp, humidifier, mobile phone charging. 8-10 socket

Living room: TV, set-top box, game machine, stereo, floor lamp, fan, air conditioner, telephone, router. 6-8 socket

Study: computer host, monitor, sound, desk lamp, air conditioning, mobile phone charging. 5-7 socket

Kitchen: refrigerator, range hood, rice cooker, microwave oven, oven, induction cooker, soybean milk machine, cool ba, small kitchen treasure, etc. 10-12 socket

Dining room: hot pot, water dispenser, counter lamp, electric kettle. 4-6 sockets

Bathroom: hair dryer, water heater, shaver, electric toothbrush. Six socket

Service balcony: washing machine, dryer, boiler, water heater. 3-5 socket

Life balcony: computer, mobile phone charging, decorated lights. Two sockets

(2) In-depth demand

It is a few sockets that can be used after moving into a new home above, can adjust according to the electric appliance of oneself and living habits. In addition to these basic sockets, as living standards improve, we need to consider the following appliances:

Intelligent toilet, inductive soap dispenser, electric towel rack, sweeper robot, vacuum cleaner, garbage processor, dishwasher, water purifier, water softener, camera, projector...

(3) Matters needing attention

1. There should be a socket in the end view of the porch cabinet;

2, there should be a socket under the sink;

3, life balcony layout reading corner needs a socket;

4. There should be a socket next to the toilet to prepare for the intelligent toilet;

5, around the partition, hanging cabinet, wardrobe should be equipped with sockets;

6. The socket beside the head of the bed and the desk beside the sofa can be installed with USB to charge the mobile phone

7. Envision the high-tech products that may appear in the next ten years.

8, each wall should have a group of sockets, long wall to more than one group, even if it is a stairwell;

9, five socket practicability is not high, such as the head of a bed basic use of three, the kitchen rarely use two, can according to their own needs to combine more plugs;

10, want to hot pot at home do not have to be inserted under the table, the use frequency of insertion is relatively low, but also affect the appearance;

11, the outlet of the refrigerator should go all the way to control the air switch, so that you don't have to worry about the refrigerator stinks when you go out;

12, if installed camera monitoring, also want to go all the way alone;

13, the place where the vacuum cleaner should have a socket to charge;

14, high also want to leave a few sockets, for monitoring, projector or wall hanging fresh air or wall hanging heater.

(4) Installation height

1, the power switch is generally between 120cm and 140cm from the ground, about the height of the adult shoulder;

2, ordinary power socket 30cm away from the ground installation;

3, the TV socket is generally 30cm-60cm away from the ground, according to the TV cabinet and sofa;

4. The socket of the washing machine is 120cm-150cm away from the ground.

5. The socket of the electric water heater is installed on the right side of the water heater 140cm-150cm away from the ground, and do not install it above the electric water heater.

6, the refrigerator socket from the ground 30cm-150cm, according to the refrigerator position and size;

7. The socket of air conditioner and exhaust fan is 180cm-200cm away from the ground.

In addition to the honey home to add a few:

8. The socket position of the range hood machine should be left high, close to the roof, which is convenient for the installation of the range hood machine;

9. The location of the kitchen socket should take into account the length of the power cord of home appliances. For example, the power cord of some ovens and steam boxes is very short.

10. The socket of the terrace should be more than 140cm away from the ground, so as to avoid sunshine and rain.

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