Household wall switch socket installation instructions

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Household wall switch socket installation instructions

Installation instructions

1. Be thoughtful

If it's a light switch, there's a switch at the door for easy access. The head of the bed also has a switch, easy to use before going to bed. Thoughtful, do reasonable installation, can avoid every day has been lying in bed, before going to bed, but also get up to turn off the lights. These are seemingly small details, but over time their significance becomes apparent.

Wall switch socket

2. Installation position

Before installation, there is a rough position estimation of the size of the furniture in the room, so that the location of the electrical switch can be installed reasonably to make the best use of everything. Otherwise, had installed, the discovery after furniture is put was kept out, can affect normal use, bring inconvenience for the life.

Better abuse than want

Want to reserve socket of a few switch more when decorating, especially the position near sitting room TV, and the position of socket of reservation of every room for TV and computer, mobile phone, stay to have nothing to do with more, because can install blank face plate, left less likely to affect later use.

4. Corresponding functions

Wet or near the water area switch socket to choose lightning protection against electric shock, such as: kitchen, toilet, if there is a socket to choose moisture-proof cover, if it is a switch does not need moisture-proof cover.

5. Overall collocation

Electric appliance switch also is adornment, after decorating style is decided, the electric appliance switch that installs should accord with the integral style of the room, can give a person a kind of abrupt feeling otherwise.

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