Whole house decoration wall switch socket planning layout

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Whole house decoration wall switch socket planning layout

After decorating the thing that lets a person regret, socket is not enough to be able to row certainly before 3! Before the decoration, the whole house socket, switch design must be arranged clearly!

1. Types of sockets and switches

① Socket type

First to understand the common socket type, according to the need to choose socket more convenient!

Five-hole socket: A common type of socket that can use two different appliances at the same time.

Three-hole socket: often used for air conditioning, refrigerators and other high-power appliances.

Malposition 5 hole socket: some electrical appliance plug is bigger, can affect the use of socket of other hole, with malposition socket is much more convenient.

5 hole socket with switch: can control the power of the socket independently, when not in use directly to the power supply, save electricity and safety.

5 socket with USB interface: no charge head, you can charge directly, convenient and space saving.

② Switch type

Single control: a common button switch in which one switch controls one or more appliances.

Double control: can control a light together with another double control switch, turn on the light in the house, turn off the light in the bedroom is to use the double control switch.

Multi-control switch: multiple switches can be realized to control an electrical equipment. Can be divided into one, two, three, four four.

③ Electronic information

Generally used as cable TV, network interface, telephone interface, etc.

2. Setting space for sockets and switches

(1) porch

Entrance hallway design 1 double control switch, and the living room double control switch echo, go out conveniently turn on and off the light is very convenient.

Additional, porch besides should have receive a function, also should have charge a function! It is suggested to design 1-2 five-hole sockets for the use of home sweeping robot and shoe dryer. In order to use more convenient, it is recommended not to hide the socket in the cabinet, also do not install too low, so as not to mop the floor splash water.

(2) the sitting room

Living room design 1 double control switch, and porch switch echo, turn on and off the lights do not have to run back and forth. As the space of family common activity, socket cannot be little more!

TV wall

The family that installs TV, want to consider the socket on TV wall above all. Generally speaking, five sockets need 3-5, easy to use TV, set-top box, router and other appliances; Two information sockets for cable TV and broadband Internet.

Custom TV background wall, first of all, we need to consider the socket is installed or embedded into the wall or TV cabinet.

Do not install TV, refit the projector to consider the electric lift, or manual lift or frame curtain. If it is electric, you need to leave a five-hole socket. If you want both TV and projection, consider both!

In addition, air conditioners or air purifiers need to be installed, and two more three-hole sockets need to be left.

Sofa wall

Sofa two sides each need 1-2 5-hole socket, plug desk lamp, floor lamp and the mobile phone or tablet charge at ordinary times.

Furniture is optimistic as far as possible before decorating, avoid sofa to block the circumstance of socket, measure the dimension of good sofa, explain with stylist or electrician master, won't appear again have socket obviously the circumstance that cannot be used however.

If you feel that the socket is too high and not beautiful, you can also install a little lower. If you use electric curtains, install a socket near the curtain.

(3) the restaurant

Chinese New Year at home, with the family to eat hot pot found that there is no design socket table, go to the living room to eat hot pot taste heavy, only from the living room to a very long line to the restaurant, to complete eating hot pot this "feat"! Sometimes eating in the restaurant while watching the drama, there is no outlet is also very inconvenient!

General restaurant lighting switch design 1 can, in the distance from the table near the metope installed 2-3 five socket, can perfect to solve the problem above, the position can be installed low, do not affect walking.

The wall is far away, and the dining room is in the form of island + table, so install the socket on the island, closer to the table, and the wires will not drag on the ground. Remember to reserve 1 outlet, if the refrigerator is in the restaurant, can be used as a refrigerator outlet.

(4) the kitchen

The socket of the kitchen is more important. All kinds of home appliances, big to refrigerator lampblack machine water heater, small to meat grinder and egg beater, need to use the socket.

Like the restaurant, lighting switch 1 can meet the demand. It is recommended to leave 5-8 five-hole sockets above the table. If the kitchen is large, it can be set in two groups with a distance between each group. The position of socket basically still must come according to the habit that family prepares a kitchen, convenient handy is important.

Two five-hole sockets are reserved below the sink for garbage disposal, dishwasher and water purifier.

Note that sockets should be far away from the hearth and sink as far as possible, and anti-splash cover should be installed, especially the sockets reserved below the sink, in order to avoid danger. The socket on the table can be selected with a switch, without repeated plug and unplug, timely power, more convenient use!

(5) the bedroom

It is recommended to design two double control switches for the bedroom, one for the door and one for the head of the bed. You don't want to have to get out of bed and turn off the lights in the middle of winter. And when there are old people in the house, the bedside switch avoids the inconvenience of getting out of bed.

If you want to install a TV in the bedroom, the socket design can be the living room TV wall. If the TV projection is not installed, mainly consider the sockets on both sides of the head of the bed. It is generally recommended to have 2-3 five-hole sockets on each side, which can be used for mobile phone charging, desk lamp, mosquito killing device, humidifier and so on.

If there is a desk or dresser in the bedroom, it is recommended to install two sockets here to supply power to computers and lamps. A three-hole socket is reserved on the wall for air conditioning.

6. The study

Office and study are the main utility of the study, illume switch 1 can. It is recommended that 3-4 sockets and one network cable interface be installed next to a desk for computers and lamps. Air conditioning can also be installed in some families study, remember to reserve 1 air conditioning socket right now.

All landowners toilet

Toilet design 1 lighting switch, dry area design 1-2 five socket is enough, to hair dryer, curling iron, electric toothbrush charge is very convenient.

It is also recommended to leave two sockets in the toilet, one for electric towel rack and the other for intelligent toilet. Pay attention to the socket design in the toilet, install protective cover, so as not to enter the moisture risk.

Today the balcony

Balcony illume switch 1 can satisfy demand. Does additional balcony want to install socket? If the washer, dryer and air can be placed on the balcony, you need to leave a socket. The electrical appliance demand that envisages according to you comes, general 2 3 hole socket is enough.

3. Points needing attention in socket design

① How to design the height of the socket?

In general, there are the following common heights:

A lower outlet should be 30-40cm from the floor, such as in a guest restaurant.

Medium height sockets 30-40cm away from countertops, such as those in bedrooms, kitchens and study.

The higher socket is 30-50cm away from the top surface, such as wall-mounted air conditioners, range hoods and projectors.

How to choose socket?

Buy the product that normal manufacturer produces, must contain the 3C mark of national attestation.

Socket shell material: metal and PC. PC use is high, and cost-effective, but not fire, it is recommended to buy fire retardant PC material.

Shrapnel material: copper, aluminum, copper alloy. Shrapnel directly affects the service life of the socket, inferior shrapnel after a period of time is easy to appear difficult to insert, loose and other phenomena, it is recommended to choose copper alloy material shrapnel.

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