Decorate less regret, the switch socket of these places can be so installed

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Decorate it is a laborious thing, although everything is hands-on, a lot of people still have regret after decorating. Especially in the switch socket, is often moved into the new house, "socket with less", encountered "plug" predicament.

Don't worry! Here, zhengtai household sorted out a few little experience about wall switch socket for everyone, the hope can help solve everybody to the doubt of wall switch socket.

1. Do not install wall switch outlets in these areas!

When deciding the quantity of wall switch and socket and position, appropriate considers long-term demand ahead of schedule, scan widely is long-term. For example, reserve sockets next to toilets, dining tables and tea tables, and reserve sockets for smart toilets/hotpot/tea sets to avoid inconvenience in the later installation of new electrical appliances.

Also note: 10A and 16A sockets are different and cannot be used interchangeably, so install reserved sockets as appropriate. For example, intelligent toilet seats are generally 10A plug, hot pot and induction cooker are high-power electrical appliances, with 16A plug -- that is, to reserve a rated current of 16A socket.

Wall switch socket

When choosing wall switch socket, it is recommended to choose regular products, such as Chint NEW2H series switch socket, complete variety, safe and durable. The outer shell is 850℃ high flame retardant, the inner high-quality copper parts carry large current, low heat, and has a safety protective door, which can effectively prevent misinsertion and miscontact.

2. You are advised to install dual control switches in certain positions

It is very convenient to use the double control switch in the two floors of stairs and on both sides of the large living room.

For example, if a two-way switch is placed on the door of the bedroom and on both sides of the bed, you can control the indoor lighting of the door of the bedroom and the bed at the same time.

The advantage of multi-control switch is that you can control the light switch in different areas.

3, for the socket that is often used, you can consider choosing a socket with a switch

Many household appliances now have standby power consumption. It is recommended to use a wall outlet with a switch to turn off power without unplugging. For example, consider using switch sockets at the counter to avoid frequent plugging of appliances such as rice cookers and electric kettles.

Especially in the kitchen, installing a wall outlet with a switch is not too cool.

You can choose chint oil-proof kitchen socket specially designed for kitchen use. It is made of oil-proof material, resistant to oil and smoke, resistant to cooking oil and detergent, so as to slow down the erosion and damage of oil on the socket. 16A high power bearing capacity, can meet the use of high power kitchen electricity; Double independent switch control, try to avoid frequent plug plug socket, effective protection of electrical appliances, convenient and safe to use.

4. Use a waterproof box in areas prone to splashing

Generally speaking, switch sockets should not be installed too close to the water. If the installation is on an open balcony, near a sink, bathroom or other high humidity areas, remember to use a waterproof box to protect the wall outlet.

Wall switch socket waterproof box is made of flame retardant waterproof material, the back of high quality sponge waterproof pad close to the wall, prevent splashing, reduce water vapor infiltration. Protect electrical safety and reduce dust entry.

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