What does household wall switch have?

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What are the wall switch sockets? Each switch product represents an era, reflecting the level of science and technology at that time. Just like the history of our phones, from the old smart Phone, to the back button phone (now called the old man phone), to the present smartphone, the same is true of the home switch. The age of the environment can be determined.

Flip the switch This switch is to go to the museum, because it is largely extinct and may still exist in some homes in remote and poor areas. Pulling the switch was familiar to people in the early 1990s and before. At that time, in the countryside, people lived in adobe houses. A 40W tungsten light bulb and pull switch were the basic electrical features of the home. A black and white TV may be added.

Wall switch socket

At that time, if you pull the down light, it will come on and then pull it out again, but at night when the light is on, they touch the wall for a long time.

The little finger switch and the warped plate switch are common switches in the home at present. This is because people's living standards have improved since then. The old adobe and brick houses have been pushed up and replaced with small buildings and concrete walls. Motherboard wall switches allow you to start a well-off life.

Touch switch When people's living standards improve, gradually began to pursue the quality of life. In some hardcover rooms or high-end apartments, there are many smart touch switches like this, which give people an overall feeling of simplicity, fashion and beauty, so they are more popular with young people.

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